Next stop: Uncertainty

So here is a worrisome dilemma.

When evolution switched from biology to technology, the speed of progressionĀ jumped by a factor of 20.000, and it has been multiplying ever since. Scientists has tried to calculate how long we can sustain such increase in technological growth, and though the results differ from 40 – 70 years, they all agree that at one point it will collapse upon itself.

By comparison: If you were to be paid one corn of rice exponentially for every square on a chessboard (1, 2, 4, 8… sixty four times), you would end up with a pile of rice bigger than mount Everest. Scientists believe that the technological event horizon in that aspect would present itself around square 32. Our race reached that point in 2006.

In addition I have recently learned that the human brain, with the level of sophistication our neocortex have had for the past 40-60.000 years, simply isn’t capable of maturing beyond its own self-interest (prime ego) without cultural stress from the collective world around us (in which case we are capable of developing systems of fundamental truth, prosperity, communitarian, systemic and even holistic views). The problem is that we currently have roughly 3 billion people on the planet, moving from an ideology of affiliation and bands, into an awareness of prime ego (which lower theme is harboring the most violent views in humanity), and we have no way of stoppingĀ them, or even educating them. Furthermore those 3 billion people are producing more children than all other planetary groups combined, children which future in most cases involve an ideology that rejects technology and especially holistic views.

So. The entire western world is sitting on top of the biggest metaphorical roller coaster in history, beyond the point of no return, with no apparent brakes and a very dim projection of the future ahead. And while the rest of the world is mainly unaware of this unfortunate heading, it continues to support the other scenario that almost certainly will annihilate us; gross exploitation of every single natural resource this blue pearl has to offer including, but not limited to, severe overpopulation.

It should become abundantly clear very, very soon, that there is only one logical attitude against this impendent doom and that is a fundamental, cross-social, traverse and piercing sense of unity and togetherness across the globe.

20151123 - Go back, we fucked up everything


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