This is the section where I apologize for not apologizing. It is my intend to post whatever I damn please on this blog, no matter at which time, in which mood or at which intoxication level it enters my mind. That being said I can assure you that I work hard not to offend people, so if you find some material vulgar, changes are that you were born blue, webbed and luminescent. Which is ok, just don’t expect that we see eye to eye on all subjects.

I cherish all races and sexes the same way I cherish my golf game, which means with mutual respect, patience, love and excitement. Unless you decide to take a swim in the seas of misdeeds and mockery, and I feel like spending a healthy portion of my morning, nailing you to the ground with a rescue wood. You know; like a normal person with certain morale values would…

Several friends of mine have encouraged me to start a blog, which I – the IT professional by profession – recently learned the meaning of. They encouraged me to do so because they enjoy the spin I put on words, and my perspective on various topics. I cannot promise that you all will be equally excited, but I hope that some of you will. If you don’t I guess we’re even.


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