September 19th – International Talk-like-a-pirate day

Ahoy landlubbers avast ye!

One day left there is before “International Talk-like-a-pirate-day” is within eye reach from the Crow’s nest, arrrrr! So grab your pieces of eight and scuttle your guts with rum, or ye will be resting uneasily as scallywaggers in the memory I have left, savvy? I’ll be tellin’ the wenches just my my Roger is so Jolly, arrrrrrrrrrr, for me beauties might not have seen a buccaneer with a real yardarm! I’ll be firing though every lassies porthole, the grog will flood my lips and silence me tongue. Any bilge rat not following these here orders, will be negotiating his trial from the muddy deeps of the head.

Ye… be… warned…!


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