The tanning bed

So my GF convinced me to try out Hollywood Tan free for a week. Her timing was perfect as I’m going on vacation next week; so I viewed an opportunity to achieve a mutual colour, instead of running around looking like the Latvian flag. I went first time two days ago for 8 minutes in stand-up booth, which had the same effect on me, as it would have on red meat if you were to fling it across a hot grill, at a bullet’s muzzle velocity. So I went back yesterday and committed myself to a 12 minute session, in a lay-down bed… 8 minutes in a stand-up booth is not the same as 12 minutes in a lay-down bed! I am now in a full body cast of crisp skin, and let me tell you; the 140 degree shower I entered this morning, didn’t feel as refreshing as it usually do.


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