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Can anyone tell me why so many people is obsessed with adding more and more friends on Facebook and MySpace (Facebook’s older and significant dumber brother)? Microsoft and Google are currently battling for rights to buy shares in Facebook, so I am quite confident that the people behind Facebook know what they are doing. If they wanted you to add the individual, which your last memory of was when he launched his soccer practiced right leg and foot into your groin, I am sure that they would have added a tab next to “Friends” called “Idiots”.

Why can’t people accept that we move on in life and not necessarily care much for past relationships? Granted that all people from your past, in some way or another affected your life, but does that mean that you have to put them on a pedestal and dub them “Friend”? Ok so not all people not-a-friend are bad but why the obsession to indirectly familiarize yourself with people whom you haven’t talked to in ages? Obviously if you actually needed to get hold of them you could, without pretending to care.

I hate to say this; but if you have more than 200 people listed as friends on either of those sites, changes are that you fucked 15% of them and keep them as trophies, 35% of them fucked you and you desperately want to get back in touch with them, and 25% of them are people who you once knew and now keep contact with, for the sole purpose of expanding your friend list. The remaining 25% are actual friends which relationship is rapidly dissolving because you compared them to the other 75%

Grow some balls and ignore people every once in a while; the excuse is valid and if they complain, you know you were right.


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