Calibrating the compass

Where the fuck am I?! I know what year it is, I know in which industry I work in and I know what I’m supposed to do for a living, but what the hell am I doing here!?! Something is off, way off. This is not what I’m supposed to do; I’m supposed to do something that genuinely makes me happy, and this is definitely not it! The biggest drivers in my career have been order, consistency and structure, and I seem to be working in organizations that carry absolutely no sense of eagerness or readiness in that regard. I need to calibrate my sense of direction! This is like a crooked nut on a bolt; it might (might!) hold but it is not pretty – it really isn’t. It should be kindergarten business one-on-one that any corporate function is able to execute faster and more frictionless, when the basic foundation that characterize all businesses are solid and lean. I need to get out, I need to get away!


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