I REALLY don’t understand 9 to 5ers!

These humans make it very clear that everyone is well aware, that they work from a certain point to a certain point, and not a second longer. I see these cubicle fabrics accidentally arrive at 8.57am, in which case they will actually sit in the parking lot, either staring into the building wall or read a newspaper, just patiently waiting for 9.00am. Look Mr. High Achiever; you wash away inspiration and motivation like a monsoon season, with your ability to remember and remind everyone around you, about your rights and your busy schedule. Why don’t you find a quiet corner and blow a stone or dry hump the copier; do something out of the ordinary for Christ sake!


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I REALLY don’t understand 9 to 5ers!, 8.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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